IAM launches new summer driving website

12.00 | 8 May 2012 |

The IAM has launched a new website which offers advice to motorists to help them stay safe during the summer months.

The new website, ‘www.drivingadvice.org.uk’, covers topics including traffic updates, weather forecasts, driving abroad, cycling and loading the car for a long journey.

While winter driving hazards are well known, the IAM points out that around 10,000 more collisions happen in summer months than in winter.

Caroline Holmes, IAM spokesperson, said: “Summer sees holiday makers and day-trippers on unfamiliar roads. It also sees too many drivers enjoying the long evenings with a drink in their hand.

“Unfortunately the accident figures reflect this. Simple precautions like preparing your car, properly scanning the road ahead and getting your speed right will help keep you safe.”

For more information contact the IAM Press Office on 020 8996 9777.


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