Information provided for young moped riders

13.50 | 15 June 2011 |

Medway Council’s Youth Services Team is working with Orbit Training to provide road safety information and to show young moped riders how to maintain their machines.

The project comes as the latest figures reveal that more than a third of all motorcyclist casualties in Medway involve young men who have been riding for less than two years.

Medway’s Road Safety Team, Kent Fire & Rescue Service and Kent Police are working together to show young people how to maintain mopeds, keep them legal, discuss practical safe riding advice and the use of protective clothing.

The partners are also demonstrating how mopeds can be tested at the roadside by using a dynamometer, a device which the police use to check and enforce licence restrictions.

PC Chris King, from Kent Police’s motorcycle team, said: “Riders’ parents often claim to be unaware of the licence restrictions but this is not a reasonable defence. This information is readily available when applying for the provisional licence and is explained as part of Compulsory Basic Training.”

For more information contact Anna Hinde on 01634 332736.


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