Lewisham confirms plans to introduce 20mph limits

12.00 | 23 September 2015 |

The London Borough of Lewisham has confirmed plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit on its roads by July 2016.

Lewisham Council say that 20mph speed limits encourage more considerate driving, leading to safer streets for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The council also says analysis has shown that lower speeds reduce the risk and severity of collisions for drivers and passengers.

The council hopes that reducing traffic speed will also help pedestrians feel more confident and that this will result in more children walking to school, and elderly people feeling more able to travel independently and safely.  

The campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us says the news from Lewisham means that within the next 12 months 10 out of the 13 inner London boroughs will see 20mph as the default speed limit on all or almost all borough roads.

20’s Plenty also claims that in inner London, almost two-thirds of residents (more than 2m people) will be living in areas with 20mph roads, while across the entire city more than 3.3m people (38% of all Londoners) will be living on 20mph roads.

Jeremy Leach, London campaign co-ordinator for 20’s Plenty for Us, said: “The momentum that we have seen in the last few years for 20mph in London shows no sign of slowing down. Lewisham’s timetable for going 20 means that the vast majority of the roads in inner London will be 20mph a year from now.

“These changes herald a new era for London when roads and streets are safer and people feel free to walk and cycle more. The overall result will be a far fairer and people-friendly city for its rapidly growing population.”


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