Liverpool teens learn to drive responsibly

13.44 | 27 March 2009 |

Nine Liverpool teenagers were given a spin in a Land Rover after passing a Government-funded responsible driving scheme.

The teenagers were taught essential driving skills and motoring theory lessons by Liverpool Youth Service and a local driving company in a scheme funded by a Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF).

The young people were taught basic driving skills including reversing, emergency stops, steering, changing gears and checking mirrors. They were also taught motoring theory and given ‘beer goggles’ to see first hand the effect alcohol can have on drivers.

Jaguar Land Rover offered land at their Halewood plant as the perfect place for the young people to practise their driving skills – and arranged for the youngsters to swap their usual driving instructor’s car for a test drive in a top-of-the-range Land Rover.

The scheme was backed by Merseyside Police and Liverpool’s road safety team and may be rolled out across the city.

For more information contact Anne Arnold at COI News on 0161 952 4505.


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