Long-established solution to school gate parking problems

12.00 | 6 February 2014 | | 4 comments

Schools in Torfaen County Borough Council in South Wales are using a long established initiative to combat the problem of motorists parking inconsiderately outside schools (Road Safety Wales).

George Street Primary School, in Pontypool, is the latest Torfaen school to operate the “green cone scheme”, under which green traffic cones are placed on both sides of the road to stop cars parking, thereby giving parents and pupils a clear view in both directions to enable them to cross safely.

Councillor John Cunningham, Torfaen Council, said: “When too many vehicles try to park outside a school at the same time, it can pose a danger to the pupils.

“The main concern has to be the safe transportation of children to and from school. The green cone scheme offers a simple solution to what can be a dangerous problem.”

Julie Wood, head teacher at George Street Primay, added: “We are very hopeful that the scheme will support the school in our constant endeavour to ensure all pupils leave and enter our school site safely.

“We feel that this is a very important initiative and hope that it will prove to be very successful.”

The green cone scheme was originally piloted as long ago as 2006, at six schools in Caerphilly in South Wales. By 2010, 27 schools in the area were participating in the scheme.  


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    The zig zag lines painted outside a school are not prohibitions to stopping unless there is signage in yellow to indicate that it is an offence to stop, and therefore can be subject to police attention.

    I would question in the photo the green cones on one side of the road only as it may cause drivers to stop across the road and let their child out perhaps on the road side and not onto the pavement. There will be more children crossing the road and if parking on both sides is restricted children will have to walk a greater distance, possibly having to cross the road or roads somewhere else which is something any parents will not like.

    Looks to me like it needs to be policed or at least monitored perhaps by teachers.

    Bob Craven, Lancs
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    I am not opposed to this in principle but surely it is illegal to obstruct the highway in this way? Do they have permission and if so from whom? And where would they be if two vehicles collided as each tried to avoid a cone?

    Idris Francis Fight Back with Facts Petersfield
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    This definitely does the trick! Headteachers please take note, and follow!

    Steve Swinton ADI Bolton, Lancs
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    It would be interesting if the end of the story read in 2010, 27 schools in Caerphilly piloted this scheme and to date all 10 are free from parents parking on the zig-zag lines. If it worked I am going out to buy 1,000 green cones to do the same at all our schools. Or have those 10 schools reverted to the “Norm”?

    Stuart Rochdale
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