‘Mirrorboard’ posters give people time to reflect

09.57 | 4 January 2010 |

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is using ‘mirrorboard’ posters to deliver seasonal road safety messages.
The reflective posters are part of a media campaign in shopping malls, leisure facilities, nightclubs and pubs across the borough.

The campaign is designed to deliver its message – to encourage people to wear seat belts and refrain from drink driving – prior to a big night out.
Pamela McGuinness, RSO, says: "The use of mirrorboard allows the audience to see themselves in the advert, giving them the opportunity to reflect and consider their behaviour.

"In consultation with members of the public, this campaign was selected as the preferred design for communicating a memorable message to those who saw it.

"The subtle humour, along with the serious message, is a marketing technique practised in other sectors but not typically in road safety.”

The two campaign posters, which both use the headline ‘Don’t get smashed’, are running from mid-December until mid-January 2010.

Contact Pamela McGuinness on 01628 796577 for more information.



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