Motorists support hard line for 12-point drivers

11.23 | 31 January 2012 |

Almost 80% of UK drivers believe there should be no exceptions to the rule, as DVLA figures show that more than 10,000 drivers are still on the road despite racking up 12 points or more.

The poll was carried out by GEM Motoring Assist in response to recent DVLA figures which revealed that many drivers are still on the road having pleaded ‘exceptional circumstances’ having accrued 12 penalty points.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, said: “It is clear that the large majority of law abiding UK drivers are not happy that other motorists are getting away with dodging penalties by claiming ‘exceptional circumstances’.

“Understandably there are certain cases that would warrant an appeal; however recent figures show just how many thousands of people are working the system and being let off.

“It is very worrying from a road safety perspective to see how many motorists are still on the roads despite being penalised for dangerous driving, speeding and other traffic offences. Road safety is hugely compromised when so many motorists, not worthy of a licence, are still driving.

“To make our roads as safe as possible, we need to ensure bans and penalties are taken seriously and only in the most exceptional circumstances should drivers be allowed to keep their licence.”

Contact Katie Murphy or Kim Lusher on 08453 700 771 / 773 for more information.


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