Motorists urged to turn mobile phone into potential lifesaver

12.00 | 22 November 2016 |

A firm of personal injury lawyers is urging motorists to turn their mobile phone into a potential life-saver, as opposed to a ‘catastrophic’ danger to road safety.

Hudgell Solicitors has launched two initiatives, both supported by Road Safety GB, to make drivers ‘take distracted driving seriously’, while also encouraging them to store life-saving information on their mobile devices.

The first social media-based campaign, #SWITCHOFF, was launched in advance of Road Safety Week, in a bid to shock drivers and make them think twice before they set off on their journeys.

The second campaign, launched yesterday (21 Nov), encourages motorists to take advantage of a mobile phone app which can provide vital health information to assist emergency services personnel at the scene of a collision.

‘Medical ID’, which is included on most Apple iphones via the Health App, bypasses the phone’s security code to give emergency services personnel access to the casualty’s medical details including blood type, medical conditions, allergies and reactions and any medication they are currently taking. It also gives contact details for people who can be contacted in case of emergency.

Iain Temperton, Road Safety GB’s director of communications, said: “Mobile phones are a hot topic in road safety terms and we fully support this timely reminder to drivers not to use theirs whilst driving, even if it is a hands free system.

“Should something go wrong on the road a phone can be a lifesaver, both in summoning help and holding vital information that the emergency services can use.

“The advice given by Hudgell Solicitors is very sound, the Medical ID function is free and available to use, so why not fill it in? It could just save your life.”

Jane Woodcock, personal injury manager at Hudgell Solicitors, said: “We have to accept that people are going to take their mobile phones with them when they travel, so with that in mind, we thought we’d look for the positive aspect that can bring to the situation.

“As we all carry them with us pretty much all the time, there is an opportunity to make mobile phones potential life-savers by ensuring they carry vital information which can be of use to emergency services.”



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