Go Safe Glasgow launches ‘morning after’ campaign

12.00 | 5 December 2012 |

The Go Safe Glasgow Road Safety Partnership has launched its 2012 festive drink drive campaign, which focuses on driving the morning after drinking.

Last year in Glasgow a large number of drivers tested positive to breath tests the morning after a night of drinking – particularly during the festive party season. The Go Safe Glasgow Partnership’s campaign is designed to alert drivers to this danger by presenting them with the facts.

The ‘Morning After’ campaign comprises a series of eye-catching posters positioned at prominent locations across Glasgow including car parks, bus shelters and on pay and display parking tickets.

George Cairns, lead officer for the Go Safe Glasgow Partnership, said: “Campaigns of this nature aim to raise the awareness of drivers that if you drink a lot until late the night before then there is a good chance you will be over the legal limit in the morning. Only time will make you legal, so if you are making a night of it and intend to drive early – don’t risk it.”

For more information contact Bill Smith on 0141 563 8642.


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