Brits “turning a blind eye” to drink drivers

12.00 | 26 September 2013 |

New research suggests that UK adults are not taking responsibility for their peers when it comes to drinking and driving.

New consumer research from Kabbee* and the ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ drink drive campaign found that only 10% of UK adults always prevent their peers from drinking and driving, and one in three have knowingly accepted a lift from a driver who they believe has had too much to drink.

30% of respondents also said they had got behind the wheel the morning after consuming either four pints, four large glasses of wine, or nine shots over the course of the previous evening; and 32% admitted to having accepted a lift from someone they thought was still over the limit the morning after a night of drinking.

Other findings included: 88% of respondents said they do not consistently stop people who they know have been drinking from driving: 11% said that they felt ‘it wasn’t their place’; and one in 10 said they hadn’t stopped potentially over-the-limit drivers because they ‘seemed okay’ and ‘could make their own decisions’.

Mike McAdam, founder of Don’t Be That Someone, said: “Typical anti-drink drive campaigns target potential drink drivers. But if we’re going to make a difference, we need to go beyond what’s ‘typical’. That’s why we’re targeting the non-drivers.

“We want passengers to turn down lifts from friends who have been drinking and find themselves and their would-be drivers another way home. And we ask anyone who sees someone get behind the wheel after drinking to report it to the police. Stopping a drink driver is heroic and it could well save lives.”

Phil Makinson, co-founder of Kabbee, said: “We’re supporting Don’t Be That Someone because we believe that passengers have an important role to play in dissuading people from drink-driving. At the very least, we hope the shocking statistics we’re releasing today will convince people who are going out drinking to sort their transport out before they leave the house.”

Contact Mike McAdam on 07972 463 161 for more information.

*Kabbee is an instant minicab price comparison, booking and payment service available in London.


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