More support for ‘Night Without Accident’

12.00 | 14 October 2013 |

ACPO and Z-Card have joined the Don’t Be That Someone campaign in supporting the European Night Without Accidents on Saturday 19 October.

European Night Without Accident is an annual awareness campaign that runs across Europe. The campaign uses peer-to-peer learning in party hotspots to engage with young people and make them aware of the dangers relating to drink and drug driving. The project was initiated in Belgium and is supported by the European Commission.

The 2013 UK event will take place at the Galaxy Centre in Luton and the focus will be on the “heroes of the night” who don’t drink and drive – the designated driver, or the passenger or friend who stops someone from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

ACPO will tweet messages of support in the lead up to and during the event while the Z-Card PocketMedia will be deployed to deliver campaign messages direct to people’s pockets.

Mike McAdam, founder and trustee of Don’t Be That Someone, said: “When on a night out, with everything that’s happening, sometimes people forget just how important it is to plan your journey home.

“That’s why we’re partnering with Z-CARD PocketMedia. Having all the vital information on a Z-Card makes our key messages really stick. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket, and interactive enough to stay memorable.”

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, ACPO national policing lead for road policing, said: “The attitudes we form as children and young people often shape the adults we grow into. With that in mind I support any work which urges young people to consider the dangers of driving irresponsibly.

“A vehicle is a fatal weapon in the wrong hands so it is imperative that young people appreciate the responsibility they are taking on when they get behind the wheel for the first time and the importance of driving responsibly.

“A night without accidents would be a wonderful thing; something we should all work together to try to achieve.”

Contact Mike McAdam on 07972 463 161 for more information.


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