FirstCar and Road Safety GB announce details of ‘early booking’ discount partnership

12.00 | 16 January 2014 |

FirstCar and Road Safety GB have unveiled details of a new partnership arrangement that will deliver cheaper publications for road safety teams and revenue to help fund Road Safety GB.

Under the new arrangement, Road Safety GB will co-ordinate ‘early-booking’ orders for FirstCar’s Young Driver’s Guide and the new FirstBike magazine.

In return for the time and administration savings the new arrangement will deliver, road safety teams will receive a discount of 10p per copy ordered and, in addition, FirstCar will make a donation of 10p per copy to Road Safety GB.

James Evans, publisher of FirstCar, said: “Knowing how many copies are needed prior to print means good savings on paper, storage and distribution, and these cost savings will be passed onto road safety teams in the form of the 10p discount.

“And by Road Safety GB using its established communications network and organisational structure to capture the orders, we can redirect the administration cost savings towards supporting Road Safety GB.”

Full details of the new arrangements will be emailed to road safety teams today (16 January), and to qualify for the discount orders for both publications need to be placed by 1 March.

Copies will still be able to be ordered after 1 March directly from FirstCar but will not be eligible for the early booking discount.

The early booking system will be managed on behalf of Road Safety GB by Sue Snoddy who can provide more information about the discount system.


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