App disables drivers’ mobile phones

12.00 | 11 April 2014 | | 7 comments

A new app has been unveiled which automatically disables a mobile phone when the user starts to drive.

The Safe Drive App has been produced by the specialist app development company Savvy App.

Louis Barston from Savvy App said: “We came up with the Safe Drive App idea a few months back when it was very obvious as a road user, that people are using the mobile phone while behind the wheel of a car.

“The problems used to be with phone calls and texting while driving, but nowadays with the social networking world, people are also browsing the internet while behind the wheel.

“People cannot seem to resist the urge of checking messages and taking calls, even though they know it is dangerous and illegal.”

Once installed, the app works without the requirement for the user to activate any settings.

As soon as the phone user starts to drive the app self-activates and disables incoming and outgoing calls, SMS text messages, the internet browsing functions and other settings which can be a distraction to drivers. The only phone functions which remain active while while driving are music, sat nav and the emergency call feature. The app cannot be bypassed while driving.

The app re-actives the normal phone settings about two minutes after the user has stopped driving.

The Safe Drive App is available for download (cost 99p) from the Google play store.

For more information contact Louis Barston at Savvy App on 07792 858573.




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    While I agree with some sort of App! This one is not acceptable! What if your phone was needed for an emergency like someone in your car taken ill with an heart attack for instance, you would have to wait the critical 2 minutes to call the emergency services.

    What if a female was being followed would she have to stop and make herself more vulnerable for 2 minutes while waiting for the phone App to allow her to use the phone?
    What if you had an accident yourself would you want to wait the long 2 minutes as stated to phone for help!

    At the end of the day it is self discipline that you need, if you have to carry a phone switch it off when driving or put it out of reach in your car until your stopped and safe to use it. Use the answer phone to tell people you are driving and will get back to them when it is safe to do so. its so Simple!

    Peter Cwmbran Torfaen Gwent
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    In principle apps like these appear to be ‘a good idea’, however those most likely to download it are not likely to use their phones while driving and those that are won’t download it. If it is automatically installed on mobile devices at installation stage, then by disabling the GPS effectively disables the app so defeating the object of its purpose. There MUST be an element of personal responsibility in everything we do rather than relying on gadgets and apps to shoulder the responsibility. I have kids who have the ‘find my phone’ service and they are supposed to keep it on at all times, yet they turn it off when it suits by disabling the GPS function. I believe it would be a useful ‘app’ for mobile devices required for work purposes as use could be controlled by contracts etc.

    Roger, Leeds
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    I strongly believe society these days are too hung up and being absolved or remove the element of personal responsibility. Why on earth would we need such a stupid app. People must take personal responsibility. I agree phones can be a distraction for some people, however before we had mobile phones were there not motor accidents and fatalities? What distracted those drivers then? Pointless app.

    Mark, Northamptonshire
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    Is the idea not somewhat flawed in that the majority of drivers conscientious enough about safety to download this App would also be the ones not using their phone? Would require a lot of top down enforcement to be effective as suggested.

    Tom, Exeter
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    What about if your a passenger – surely the app will stop their phone working too.

    Mhairi – Hillingdon
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    I agree, phone providers should have this on all phones, that’s our aim, to create a big enough noise with people downloading and making the roads safer that we can talk to phone companies to pre-install this software on all phones. The trouble is “people” today claim to be to busy and not have the time to remember to activate or change settings, that’s why the Safe Drive App does all the hard work.

    Louis Barston. Savvy Applications HQ
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    It would be a great idea if it was automatically installed on all ‘phones, but I presume it requires a conscious decision by the user to install it, in which case, if a person knew they were in the habit of using their ‘phone whilst driving – could they not just make the equally conscious decision not to, or simply switch it off?

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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