CTC publishes cycling ‘campaign kit’ for parents

12.00 | 11 September 2014 |

CTC, the national cycling charity, has produced a guide for parents in circumstances where a school is trying to ban or discourage cycling.

The guide sets out some of the evidence and techniques that “might come in useful when challenging (cycling) bans imposed by schools”.

CTC describes the guide as a “campaigning kit” which is “designed to help tackle the sort of barriers that keep cropping up”. While primarily for parents, CTC says the guide will also be useful for teachers, heads, governors, councils and pupils.

CTC says cycling enables children to travel quickly and independently through their local areas, providing not just autonomy and a learning experience, but a daily sense of achievement.

CTC says that although many of the suggested actions in the guide need to be led by adults, “the issue remains essentially about children, so we strongly encourage anyone using this kit to work closely with the affected child(ren) at every step of the process”.



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