Fewer tests but more arrests: Wales’ festive drink drive results follow similar pattern to England’s

12.00 | 26 January 2015 |

While fewer drivers in Wales were breathalysed during the 2014 festive drink drive campaign, more tested positive than during the 2013 campaign.

30,718 drivers were tested during the 2014 campaign (1 Dec – 1 Jan), with 488 (1.59%) over the limit. The corresponding figures for 2013 were 35,255 and 465 (1.31%).

The figures follow a similar pattern to the 2014 festive period in England, when fewer tests were administered than the previous year, but a higher proportion of drivers tested positive. In England, ACPO put this down to a “more intelligence led approach”.

In Wales, Dyfed-Powys Police carried out 8,204 breath tests with 140 being positive. In Gwent, 2,203 tests were carried out, with 42 being positive. In North Wales, officers tested 15,627 drivers with 76 being positive, and South Wales Police administered 4,684 tests with 230 positive results.

Deputy chief constable Carl Langley, ACPO all Wales lead on roads policing, said: "It is disappointing that 488 drivers throughout Wales chose to risk their own lives, and the lives of others during the campaign.

“We were clear in our messages throughout the campaign that drink or drug driving is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated. But those that chose to break the law and endanger themselves and other road users arrogantly were in the minority.

"We are asking the public in Wales to help us take these people off our roads, and report anyone you suspect of drink or drug driving.”




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