Drivers ‘20% more likely’ to suffer collision in winter

12.00 | 12 January 2017 |

Drivers are 20% more likely to be involved in a collision during the winter months, according to new analysis by Insure The Box.

Published today (12 Jan), the analysis looks at the difference in claims frequency (per mile) between winter (December to February) and summer (June to August) from 2013-2015.

The analysis coincides with the Met Office issuing a yellow warning of snow for many parts of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Telematics-based Insure The Box is urging young drivers, many of whom will be experiencing the harsher winter weather conditions for the first time, to take extra care.

The insurer has compiled a list of winter driving ‘top tips’ which include driving to the conditions, using dipped headlights and avoiding harsh braking, accelerating or steering.

Simon Rewell, road safety manager, Insure The Box, said: “Driving in winter presents motorists with much more challenging road conditions.

“The darker, shorter days, coupled with increased chance of ice and snow increases risk for all road users. In addition, clear and sunny winter days often result in strong glare, which can be blinding for road users driving into the sun.

“Young, inexperienced drivers are particularly vulnerable as hazardous conditions will be a completely new experience.

“They, and all drivers, should take extra care whilst driving this winter as well as considering whether or not it is necessary to drive at all – it really is better to be safe than sorry.”




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