Lancashire adopts ‘close pass’ campaign

12.00 | 27 July 2017 | | 3 comments

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has teamed up with the county’s police force to join other areas of the country by launching a ‘close pass’ campaign.

‘Safe Pass’ is designed to encourage motorists to give more space when overtaking pedal cyclists – at least 1.5 metres.

Signs will be erected on specific roads across Lancashire that are popular with cyclists, reminding drivers to take care and give as much space as possible when overtaking.

In addition, a mat (see pic) and cycle demonstration will be rolled out at events and key locations across Lancashire during the summer in an effort to help people visualise the 1.5 metre suggested distance.

Lancashire Police is encouraging members of the public to get involved at these events, at which they can also learn more about road safety in general.

Under the ‘close pass’ scheme developed by West Midlands Police in 2016, plain-clothed police officers saddle up to identify motorists who do not leave the required space when passing cyclists.

The officers on bicycles pass on details of offending drivers to in-car colleagues who intercept them at a designated holding point.

Other areas of the country where a close pass initiative has been introduced include:

Sgt Patrick Worden, roads policing, Lancashire Police, said: "We recognise the vulnerability of pedal cyclists on our roads and want to work with the public to encourage motorists to give cyclists extra room and ‘pass safely’.

"We must have mutual respect on the roads and it is vital cyclists are afforded the same rights and protection as any other road user.

"Our advice is simple, if you cannot overtake without leaving a minimum space of 1.5 metres, then hold back at a safe distance and be patient. A suitable overtaking opportunity will soon present itself."




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    Please could you come to Longridge & do one of your ‘Close pass’ Operations. Either on Chipping Road, between The Alston Arms & Derby Arms. Or from Tootle Green towards the Angels restaurant on the B6245 both are particularly bad for insane driver behaviour. They are very fast fairly wide roads with plenty of straight sections for passing sensibly but it makes no difference to impatient drivers. It’s like Wacky Races. Hair-raising.

    Stephanie Gornall, PRESTON
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    Fortunately, road conditions and behaviours are constantly being investigated to identify potential ways to improve conditions and safety for all users. What was acceptable then may not be acceptable now and what appears acceptable now may not be the accepted norm in future.

    Pretty sure there where many people who used to drive home drunk with no seatbelts on in cars with no passive safety features who were enlightened enough to change their ways for the greater good?

    Nick, Lancashire
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    Its strikes me as being funny that when cycle lanes became increasingly popular in the 1980/90s and painted on most of our road no one and I mean no one took the slightest bit of notice just how close other road users were when overtaking. One could overtake about a foot away from the cyclist and that was acceptable. Why then do we, or rather do they, the cyclists now find it unnacceptable for us to be anywhere near them and to interfere with what was at one time considered not a problem and a lawfull overtake.

    g craven
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