New parents’ guide available FOC to Road Safety GB members

12.04 | 26 March 2012 |

Good Egg Safety is offering free copies of its new guide for parents of new drivers to all Road Safety GB members, but the deadline for orders is Tuesday 27 March.

The guide, which is endorsed by Road Safety GB, is the latest addition to the award-winning Good Egg series.  It covers all aspects of a new driver’s experience from choosing an instructor and learning to drive safely to the driving test and the law.

The ‘Parents of New Drivers’ guide has been developed over a six-month period in consultation with key partners including Road Safety GB, ACPO/S, advanced driving instructors and a number of leading academics and transport psychologists.

Thanks to the generous support of the Arnold Clark Group and The Co-operative Insurance, the guides are being made available to all Road Safety GB members at no cost.

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, said: "Road Safety GB is delighted to endorse this excellent new guide for parents. Keeping young drivers safe is a priority and this new guide for parents will help to keep your son or daughter that much safer on the road."

Gill Roberts, chair of Road Safety GB North West and senior RSO for St Helen’s Council, added: “This booklet is an essential resource for all parents and guardians of young novice drivers.”

Paul Taylor, ACPO Roads Policing, said: "The Association of Chief Police Officers is pleased to support this innovative and informative guide, and would encourage all parents to read it as their child prepares to embark on their driving career. Following its advice is a great step in the right direction in making our young drivers safer on the roads."

Road Safety GB members can view the new guide and secure their allocation by visiting: by no later than 5.00pm on Tuesday 27 March.

The guide is also available to non-Road Safety GB members at a special introductory rate of 75p per copy including free delivery. The deadline for orders is also 5.00pm Tuesday 27 March.

For more information contact the Good Egg Safety team on 0131 668 1880.



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