New platform moves Roadcraft into digital age

12.00 | 10 November 2017 | | 3 comments

The Police Foundation’s two ‘iconic’ road safety instruction manuals – Roadcraft and Motorcycle Roadcraft – are now available via a new e-learning platform.

The new e-learning platform allows the emergency services and civilian driving instructors to access both reference titles ‘at any time and from anywhere’.

The Roadcraft reference publications – developed in consultation with the police, other emergency services and driving instructors and published by The Stationery Office – provide guidance on becoming a better driver or rider.

The new e-learning platform contains all the guidance and reference material from the two books, split into 13 sections to mirror the chapters in the book.

The e-learning platform also contains videos which demonstrate key manoeuvres including limit points and overtaking.

Rick Muir, director of the Police Foundation, said: “The Roadcraft handbooks are recognised as providing the very best in driver and rider training for anyone who wants to take their skills to a higher level.

“This entirely new Roadcraft product offers a user-interactive solution for more dynamic learning.

“Prepared through extensive consultation with experts, it will make a significant contribution to improved road safety and help users become safer and more skilful on the road.”

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    GEM Motoring Assist were pleased to support the creation of Roadcraft Online. We thoroughly recommend it to anyone taking their advanced car or motorcycle tests; indeed to anyone with an interest in becoming a better driver or rider!

    Neil Worth GEM Motoring Assist
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    Making Roadcraft available to more people may, I say may, help more motorcycle riders but it will help the revenues of the Police Association.

    To my mind Motorcycle Roadcraft is still flawed as it still instructs ordinary motorcyclists to ride at times like police officers required to perform duties and who therefore must make progress faster than any ordinary motorcyclists should ever consider. However it may be that although the speed, or thrill of speed, may appeal to some riders it does not bode good for many.

    Overtakes or bends where still, some 50 or so years on, we are still suffering at least some 25% of killed or seriously injured accidents occurring to riders on those two maneouvres.

    Its about time that both these manueovres were looked at and decisions made as to what is wrong with our past and present instructions and what can be done about it.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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    Branching out into a digital version can only be a good thing but the key challenge remains. I have the car & bike Roadcraft manuals on the bookshelf but if I don’t take them down occasionally, re-read and re-apply the lessons and reminders then they are of limited benefit to me. I hope the digital version reaches a whole new audience that does not use paper – and also the ones that don’t read the paper versions they already have.

    Pat, Wales
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