New Road Safety GB network sets out to improve collaboration

12.00 | 16 June 2017 |

Road Safety GB has launched a new networking group for data analysts working in the road safety field.

The Road Safety GB Analysts’ Network is free of charge and provides analysts with a new means of connecting with other road safety professionals for the purpose of collaboration.

The network is based around regional groups which are facilitated by ‘like minded and skilled analysts’, and as such provides ‘the perfect forum’ to share work, ideas and challenges.

Its direction will be shaped by members of the forum, with members able to decide what they want to share, discuss, ask and organise.

The network is the latest phase of Road Safety GB’s efforts to support data analysts, which also included the launch of a dedicated one-day conference in 2016. Held again in March 2017, ‘Joining the Dots’ is organised by Road Safety GB in partnership with Road Safety Analysis.

Jeremy Phillips, director of research at Road Safety GB, said: “Road Safety GB acknowledges the vital work that analysts do in helping practitioners provide a data and evidence led service.  

“Their insights into collision causation, trend analyses, demographics, the influence of factors within the highway and transportation environment on collision and injury severity, progress tracking and problem identification – to name just some examples – are central to the ongoing challenge of reducing the number and severity of road traffic incidents.  

“The Road Safety GB Analysts’ Network is part of a package of measures we are providing to support the work and professional development of analysts working in this field.  

“The network itself has been created for the exclusive use of professional analysts, for whom it will offer a place to share ideas; projects and problems with their peers – encouraging and developing best practice and new thinking.”

Click here to register for the network (subject to approval from the network moderators).



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