PACTS conference will discuss British ‘Vision Zero’

10.26 | 30 January 2012 |

PACTS’ ‘Aiming for Zero’ conference (23 March) will look at the challenges for road safety over the coming years and the potential to achieve a British version of ‘Vision Zero’.

Rob Gifford, executive director for PACTS, says: “May 2011 saw the publication of the Government’s Strategic Framework for Road Safety. While this was a welcome contribution to improving road safety, we do not believe that it offers the leadership that is really needed to make our roads and, more importantly, all our road users the safest in the world.

“PACTS believes that we need to develop our own version of the Swedish Vision Zero, incorporating both the moral and societal responsibility to act to cut road deaths and an awareness of the economic benefits of taking action where such action is appropriate and achievable.”

The fees for the conference, which is taking place in London, are £150 for PACTS’ members and £200 for non-members.

Click here for more information and to book online.


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