Paralympic hopeful to share learning to drive experience

00.00 | 30 November 2011 |

As well as preparing for London 2012, Jonnie Peacock, a Paralympic sprinter, will be learning to drive and sharing his experience with other learner drivers and riders on a new video blog.

Jonnie will be sharing the highs and lows of his learning to drive experience on the new DSA Road Test Review blog, launched by TSO, the DSA’s official publishers.

He will be using a range of official DSA products to help prepare for life on the road, and recording a series of short videos to share advice with other learners.

Jonnie said: “I think my biggest challenge with learning to drive will be fitting it into my training schedule and making sure I still have enough time to train, learn to drive and sleep.

“I hope that my involvement with the DSA Road Test Review will help other learners pass their test and stay safe as they can see all my experiences and all the things I found difficult but overcame.”

For more information contact Emma Franklin on 01603 694497.


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