Partnership campaign aims to continue downward biker KSI trend

12.22 | 15 March 2012 | | 3 comments

The 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership has unveiled a new campaign in a bid to continue reducing the number of bikers killed or injured on North Yorkshire’s roads.

In 2011 the number of motorcycles ridden on the most popular routes in the county reduced by 4%, while the number of bikers killed or seriously injured fell by 48%.

The partnership will officially launch the 2012 campaign later this month with a series of events across the county.

The campaign will include a series of videos that highlight the dangers of some of North Yorkshire’s most popular motorcycle routes. It also includes a bikers’ guide to the county which highlights where and how crashes have happened, provides advice and information about improving riders’ skills and choosing helmets and other gear.

DCC Tim Madgwick, chairman of the 95 Alive Partnership, said: “All of the partners were heartened by the reduction in fatal and serious injury accidents involving bikers last year.

“As we approach the spring, we know that bikers will be taking to North Yorkshire roads again to enjoy the good weather and lighter evenings, so we are launching our new campaign in the hope that we can continue work with them to improve their safety on our roads.”

For more information contact Fiona Ancell, project manager, on 01609 797489 or 07896 705417.


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    This road lends itself to speed. Many who ride it know very well of its dangers but that only draws more in to test it and themselves. Rather than ride outright in a race they will time trail themselves from Helmsley to the roundabout 15 miles further north and whilst more white lines have been put down this by no means stops them. Watch a few of the idiots who have recorded themselves on U tube. Many ride more over the line than on the right side of it (or should I say left side of it). Perhaps in some circumstances the road could be widened, there are verges and then bikers overtaking would have more room to pass and not have to be in a position on the wrong side of the road. There are numerous places that could be widened.

    bob craven Lancs
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    The videos are designed to provide riders with additional information about the route before they set out so that they are fully aware of the potential hazards and can plan their ride accordingly. They have been compiled by bikers for bikers and are based on the latest collision and casualty data.

    This route has been improved in recent years – primarily by extending double white lines and signage to discourage poor overtaking by riders – which was a significant cause of collisions and has now been virtually eliminated.

    My engineering colleagues are arranging a review of surfacing and signs and I will contact you direct with their findings.

    The police do pay great attention to this route with car and motorcycle patrols and their camera van – just because you didn’t see them on the occasion you rode the route doesn’t mean they are never there. Far from it!

    Honor Byford, North Yorkshire
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    I have been driving the Helmsley to Stokesly road and found it a fast road going through some woodland and hedgerow to open fields and brick walls.

    There are only about 3 serious bends, most of the others can be taken at legit maximim speed. But it’s mainly a road where speeding will take place and it lends itself for that purpose.

    Nothing I have seen in the video will put riders off riding faster than the normal speed limit. The road itself is badly in need of some attention resulting in poor grip in places and water and tree root degradation. Sign posting in my opinion is poor and where there are judged to be dangerous bends they should be highlighted by better and more numerous chevron signs and speed limit reminders wouldn’t go amiss though not lawfully required. More pro-active policing on weekends would help as on the Sunday afternoon I was there and drove both ways I saw not one police officer.

    Bob Craven, Lancs
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