Partnership is promoting eco and safer driving

15.14 | 24 May 2010 |

RoSPA and Journey Dynamics are working together to promote eco and safer driving, using the Royal Society’s road safety expertise and Journey Dymanics’ MyDrive software.

The partners are developing a driver analysis solution combining in-vehicle technology with the MyDrive analysis and reporting software.

The aim is to provide drivers and employers with a simple tool to analyse driving style and promote the links between safer and eco driving.

MyDrive uses GPS data to provide a detailed profile of a driver’s driving style. Drawing on RoSPA’s understanding of safe driving characteristics, Journey Dynamics is able to deliver a set of safety and eco-related driver scores within MyDrive, benefiting companies, fleet managers and individual drivers.

Errol Taylor, deputy chief executive of RoSPA, said: “Journey Dynamics’ technology is a cost-effective solution that gives rapid feedback to drivers and fleet managers on driving style, helping them recognise areas where they can improve.

“It also helps fleet managers and employers establish the payback from investing in their occupational road risk programme. The technology is being rigorously tested and will soon be available for UK vehicle fleets.”

For more information contact Jo Stagg on 0121 248 2134.


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