Partnership launches new production as part of young people programme

12.00 | 7 February 2014 |

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) has released a new production as part of its 2fast2soon campaign which is designed to reduce the number of young people killed and injured on the county’s roads.

Launched in 2008, 2fast2soon is delivered in 3 phases – theatre production, workshops in schools and practical driver training. LRSP says that approximately 2,000 students benefit from the programme each year.

The 2fast2soon website says: “This proven road safety programme has already reduced casualties in the young driver group (17-24yrs) in Lincolnshire by over 50%.”

The new production, Kirsty’s Story, is described by LRSP as “a thought provoking, emotional and tragic story of one family”. A trailer promoting it has been launched on YouTube.

The “hard hitting” theatre production moves swiftly to a workshop where the audience analyses the ‘Fatal 4’ – seatbelts, mobile phones, speeding and drink/drug driving.


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