Rapper releases drink drive single

12.00 | 13 January 2014 |

An up and coming rapper from Rotherham has released a charity single to raise awareness of the issue of drink driving.

Arms of the Angels is the debut single by Jay Fitz, and all proceeds will go to Brake, the road safety charity. The single is being backed by a schools tour to further promote the anti-drink drive message.

Jay Fitz, from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, says he is working to establish himself as a credible lyricist and performer.

He says: “There are too many artists doing the same thing at the moment and talking about the same stuff. It’s like we’ve become afraid to say something different in case it isn’t accepted. Every track I do is from the heart.

"I’m also a firm believer in ‘quality not quantity’ – putting out a song every month doesn’t mean its any good. Too many people are just saturating the scene with tracks with no substance or thought to what they are saying.”

Matt Staton, who co-manages the Road Safety GB twitter feed, said: “It’s great to see people like Jay getting involved in promoting road safety through their music and we posted a link to the video on the Road Safety GB twitter feed.

“It would be great if other road safety officers could help spread the word about Jay and his charity single via their own social media channels.”

Click here to download the single from iTunes (price 79p).



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