Road Safety Wales launches CRASH Card scheme for bikers

12.00 | 18 September 2015 | | 4 comments

Motorcyclists across Wales are being encouraged to carry a CRASH Card to improve their chances of survival in the event of an incident.

Launched by Road Safety Wales, the free CRASH Cards are being made available from motorcycle dealers and road safety teams throughout Wales.

Created by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club (AMC), the cards are already used in a number of areas in England, Northern Ireland and parts of Wales.

The card contains space to record information which could be vital to paramedics, including medical history and details of any medication currently being taken. There is also space to include the name and contact number of next of kin.

Motorcyclists are given a green dot to place on the right hand corner of their visor/helmet to alert emergency responders to the fact they are carrying the card.

Road safety teams have been working in partnership with other road safety professionals who make up Road Safety Wales, and the scheme has the backing of the Wales NHS Ambulance Trust.

Susan Storch, chair of Road Safety Wales, said: “Road Safety Wales is pleased to be involved in the CRASH Card scheme, and we look forward to the day when all motorcyclists in Wales will carry one of the cards in their helmet.

“Doing something as easy as picking up a card and filling it out could make a real difference to a casualty, and we hope that this is a scheme that will be embraced wholeheartedly by the motorcycling community."


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    However, what the “concept” of the CRASH Card does is to enable the introduction of motorcycle road safety into conversation with riders by those who engage with riders on these issues. E.G. In Northern Ireland the PSNI Bikesafe scheme, apart from funding the cards in their second year, use them to engage with riders on road safety/riding skill assessments.

    Trevor Baird (Now in France)
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    I have in my possession a pull out information strip that I obtained when I was in Heywood well over 15 years ago. It is the size of a credit card and maybe only 1ml thick when closed up and opens up to 10 pages that can contain a lot of medical information.

    I mentioned something similar to this on a couple of websites 8/10 years ago ie a motorcyclist holding such info for the use at hospital where the rider may be unconscious and unable to answer such questions but nothing came of it then. I was happy to see that eventually this card was produced. I hope that it is of value.

    I can make the original information booklet available should anyone wish to view it or reproduce it again for the benefit of all road users.

    Bob Craven, Lancs. Space is Safe Campaigner
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    Pity it doesn’t stop a motorcyclist from being involved in an accident but it has basic information such as name and address, sorry post code, so at least that is something.

    Bob Craven, Lancs…Space is Safe Campaigner
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    This would be a good thing to happen as it would save time for paramedics.

    Michael Rushton /Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
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