RosPA publishes new driveway hazards findings

12.39 | 9 June 2010 |

Accidents involving children on driveways is an issue frequently overlooked by parents, according to recent research by RoSPA.

RoSPA says that many parents assume accidents will not happen to their own family, and as such simple accident-prevention measures are not taken. RoSPA’s research shows that 83% of parents believe it is unlikely their child will be injured by a vehicle parked on their own driveway.

The survey also found that more than 60% of parents left children inside cars while they visited a shop or quickly returned to the house. RoSPA says this exposes children to a host of potential issues such as the vehicle being stolen, the child overheating, or the child starting or manoeuvring the car themselves.

Lindsey Simkins, RoSPA’s road safety research and evaluation officer, said: “Drivers have a major part to play to help ensure the safety of children on driveways. This research highlights the risks we take and some of the bad habits we adopt.”

Click here to find out more about the research project.


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