Royal award for Welsh partnership

12.00 | 15 December 2014 |

The GoSafe* partnership in Wales has received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of its “Deadly Mates” young driver campaign.

Deadly Mates, which has been running since 2006, is based around the concept that “everybody has friends and everybody has aspirations”. The campaign introduces a group of friends who all have plans for the future and suggests that, if “one of the friends drives too fast, he can wipe out his/her mates’ future in an instant”.

The campaign defines a deadly mate and encourages young people to “do something about them by having the courage to ask the driver to slow down”.

Chris Hume, GoSafe partnership manager, said: “It is an incredible honour to be recognised by Prince Michael of Kent and to receive such a prestigious award.

“Our strategy is to keep delivering a high standard of educational campaigns supporting the Welsh Government’s Road Safety for Wales Framework.”

HRH Prince Michael of Kent said: “Your scheme has shown how a well-researched and carefully evaluated innovation can make a real and measurable difference.”

DCC Carl Langley, Dyfed Powys Police and ACPO lead for Wales, said: “The risks to young and inexperienced drivers are well understood, and I am delighted that GoSafe has received this award for tackling an area of road safety which results in too many tragedies every year.”

Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe which organises the awards scheme, said: “Deadly Mates is a supreme example of how to run a partnership campaign – one simple coordinated hard hitting message used by all agencies.”

The GoSafe Partnership comprises 28 equal partners including the 22 Unitary authorities in Wales, four Welsh Police Forces, Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service and the Welsh Government. GoSafe also works closely with the NPHS and Fire Services in Wales.


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