RSGB webinar to explore ‘forgotten road crash victims’

10.22 | 2 July 2024 |

The next webinar for Road Safety GB members will set out to equip attendees to take action to improve the safety of mobility scooter users.

The webinar is being facilitated by Dr Duncan Guest from Nottingham Trent University, alongside Richard Hannan, from mobility scooter insurer Surewise and Rebecca Morris from Vision Zero Communications.

It takes place at 10am on Monday 15 July – running for approximately 45 minutes.

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Mobility scooter users are described as having been broadly overlooked as road users, despite their prevalence and vulnerability. This may partly be because data on incidents involving mobility scooters is relatively scant.

Even so, recent casualty data analysis reveals they are over two and a half times more likely to be killed in a road crash than any other group – and casualties are increasing each year.

In this webinar, Dr Duncan Guest and Richard Hannan will explore mobility scooter safety, what the issues are, what the data says and how road safety teams across the UK can equip themselves to take effective action.

Registration is now open – and is free for employees of Road Safety GB member organisations and RSGB Academy members only.

If you are unsure about your membership status, please register at the above link and Road Safety GB will cross check its membership database before confirming your place.

About the facilitators

Richard Hannan
Richard Hannan is a co-founder of Surewise, a UK insurance intermediary specialising in mobility scooter insurance.

Since the company formed in 2014, Surewise has insured more than 130,000 mobility scooters in the UK and is a leading provider in the sector.

In April, Surewise launched its Safer Mobility campaign after becoming increasingly concerned about the apparent increase in mobility scooter user casualties.

After analysing the casualty data, Surewise was horrified to discover that mobility scooter riders are more than two and a half times more likely to be killed in a road crash compared to other road users. And over the last decade, mobility scooter casualties have increased by an average of 20 per cent, year on year.

Dr Duncan Guest
Dr Duncan Guest is head of psychology at Nottingham Trent University and an applied cognitive psychologist.

He has been conducting research on mobility scooter users and their safety for several years as well as exploring broader aspects of accessibility.

This has included the largest study to date on mobility scooter safety and the development of a training resource.

Rebecca Morris, road safety marketing & PR consultant, Vision Zero Communications
A road safety marketing and Public Relations specialist with 20 years’ experience, Rebecca is passionate about informing and influencing road users and stakeholders through effective communications.

In early 2024, she began working with Surewise to develop a road safety communications strategy and later advised and assisted in launching a road safety campaign. Her efforts have helped Surewise to raise considerable awareness about the risks facing  mobility scooter users among the road safety community and the general public alike.



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