RSGB welcomes introduction of Road Safety Investigation Branch

10.52 | 29 June 2022 |

Road Safety GB has described the establishment of the Road Safety Investigation Branch as a “significant development for the road safety profession”.

On 29 June, the Government announced the new independent body will be set up to investigate collisions on the country’s roads and provide insight into what needs to change to help save lives.

The branch will investigate themes in the causes of collisions, as well as specific incidents of concern, to learn valuable road safety lessons. 

It will make independent safety recommendations to organisations, such as Government and police forces, to better shape future policy. 

The branch will not identify blame or liability and so does not replace police investigation.

Matt Staton, director of research at Road Safety GB, said: “The establishment of the Road Safety Investigation Branch is a significant development for the road safety profession.

“Through independent investigation the organisation will provide greater understanding of crashes and will help to identify causes and spot collision trends.

“This work can then be used to guide prevention measures to ultimately reduce injury and loss of life. Road Safety GB’s members provide road safety delivery to local communities and look forward to supporting this new branch in improving road safety at a local level.”



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