RSO numbers cut by a third in London

12.00 | 6 November 2012 |

The London Road Safety Council (LRSC) says that there are now a third fewer road safety officers compared with five years ago, with some London Boroughs now offering no road safety provision at all.

The figures emerged from a LRSC survey to establish the current number of local authority employees working on educating the public about the importance of road safety.

Councillor Val Clark, chair of LRSC, said: “The funding cutbacks that have hit local councils are now having a knock-on effect in an increase in casualties.

“In times of recession our work should become even more important, with people cutting corners in vehicle maintenance and time pressures on individuals.

“We have written to ministers requesting that they look seriously at the effects of budget cuts on road safety, and have drawn attention to the financial costs as well as the misery, pain and suffering that a death or serious injury can cause.”

LSRC has also criticised Transport for London’s new road safety plan for London (currently out for consultation) which it describes as “not challenging enough”.

Val Clark added: “With 95% of road crashes being down to human error, we need to prioritise higher the value of working to improve safe road behaviour to save lives.”

For more information contact LRSC on 01483 828443.


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