Sat nav leaves BMW left teetering on cliff edge

15.06 | 27 March 2009 |

A driver is facing a careless driving charge after his sat-nav left his BMW teetering on the edge of a cliff (Mirror).

Robert Jones said he trusted the gadget and continued to follow its instructions, even when it took him up a steep, narrow footpath. He only realised something was wrong when his car hit a fence and came to a stop just inches from a 100ft drop.

The incident comes as Britain’s worst ‘sat-nav blackspots’ were revealed for the first time. In the worst cases, coaches or trucks have repeatedly become wedged in historic villages, and drivers have even been diverted up railway lines or across non-existent bridges. Often the problems are caused by foreign drivers using navigation systems that were designed for cars.
Click here to read the full Daily Mail news report.



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