Scottish drivers warned about the dangers of country roads

12.00 | 10 July 2013 | | 4 comments

A campaign launched earlier this year, featuring former Formula One driver David Coulthard, warns about the dangers of driving on country roads across Scotland.

‘Country Roads’ comes under the umbrella of the ‘Don’t Risk It’ campaigns being run by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland, which also includes drink driving, motorbikes and seatbelts.

Around 70% of road deaths in Scotland happen on country roads, and driving too fast for the conditions is the most common cause. Last year alone, more than 1,000 people were killed or seriously injured while driving in the countryside.

In the new advert, David Coulthard demonstrates how even the best drivers in the world adjust their speed on country roads.

The Country Roads website also features The Coulthard Challenge, which allows users to test their driving skills against the former F1 driver, while avoiding hazards.

David Coulthard also gives tips on driving safely on country roads which include belt up, watch your speed, be cautious of hidden dips, hairpin bends, and blind corners, expect the unexpected and avoid distractions.


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    Probably the best advice I have seen in a long time, aimed both at cars and motorcycles. The only criticisms I have is that whilst it mentions two very important factors ie the road speed limit and other circumstances, it fails to mention attitude of mind and control… something that is seriously lacking in a few drivers/riders.

    The other is statistical. Mentioning figures like 70% means nothing when it comes down to it, but if 70% of all KSIs represents 1000 killed [or 3 out of every 4] drivers/riders seriously injured on country roads it has to my mind more effect and that if of those some 800 could have been avoided by restraint only, by not going too fast into corners or inappropriate overtaking or by reading and understanding the road then it comes home that many such accident are not caused by someone else.

    bob craven Lancs
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    I spotted this website some time ago and I think that road users should be educated in this way.

    Phil, Kent
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    I agree having watched it and listened to it several times. DC actually tells you what happens too the car and why it would go out of control. Something which far too many drivers don’t know or would not recognise. Most drivers who go beyond what is safe think the car will stay on the road just because it has tread on the tyres (hopefully).

    Stuart Rochdale
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    Excellent campaign and worth watching no matter how good we all think we are. Although as with any safe driving message, the ones who would really benefit are the ones who don’t think they need it. Hopefully the clips can be shown on Driver Improvement and Speed Awareness Courses. Good idea having someone like David Coulthard to present it although to be honest the ‘Coulthard Challenge’ is about as realistic as Scalextric.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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