Seatbelt snubbers given the ‘Options’

08.32 | 7 October 2011 |

A seatbelt ‘Options’ campaign offered people in Torfaen, South Wales, the chance to avoid a £60 fine by watching a ‘hard-hitting’ presentation instead.

Special Constables and Gwent Police Cadets stood on the roadside looking out for motorists and their passengers not wearing seatbelts. Those who were found to be breaking the law were pulled over and given the option of watching a 20-minute seatbelt safety presentation instead of receiving a fixed penalty fine of £60. 30 people chose to view the safety presentation, while only one driver elected to take the £60 fixed penalty fine.

Sergeant Lyndon John of the Torfaen Partnership said: “The ‘Options’ campaign emphasises the need for education as well as enforcement in this area.

“Considering the short timescale of the operation, the high number of attendees shows that some motorists are still choosing not to wear seatbelts despite the well-publicised dangers.

“Hopefully those who watched the presentation will reflect upon what they saw and make sure they wear seatbelts in future – and pass the message on to their friends and family.”

Helen Davidson, Capita Symonds road safety manager in Torfaen, added: “Some people were a bit upset about being stopped, but negative attitudes were changed to positive after they watched the presentation. Through education, this campaign acts as the first step in saving lives.”

For more information contact Penny Thorpe on 01633 463376.


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