Smart technology puts parents in control

12.00 | 22 November 2012 | | 3 comments

Parents will be able to control how fast their children drive thanks to technology being fitted on Britain’s top selling car, the Ford Fiesta (Telegraph).

Ford is fitting a device known as “MyKey” onto all Fiestas from 1 January. Parents are given a master key which gives them the power to impose limits on how the car is driven, while the other key – which turns on the ignition – is handed to their children.

The technology includes chime warnings at 40, 50, 60 and 70mph and parents can set a top limit of 80mph. They can also set the audio volume and prevent the radio from turning on unless the driver’s seat belt is buckled.

Giving parents the power to control the car’s performance is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at not only reducing road collisions but also cutting the huge cost of premiums young drivers pay.

Ford’s initiative was welcomed by Robert Gifford, executive director of PACTS, who said: “This is an interesting example of how car manufacturers can help to solve a road safety problem.

“We know that young drivers are over-represented in crashes involving inappropriate speed. This can help give new drivers greater experience while reducing their crash risk.”

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    With “keyless” ingnition* there is an opportunity for the master owner to set pin codes to start that would then not only set preferences such as seat, mirror and radio, but could limit hours of driving, performance and speed.
    *the day someone puts their jacket or bag in the car and a child presses the “Start” button with the car in gear and it kills someone will be a surprise to all but me.

    Mark Caerphilly
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    To paraphrase Winston Churchill,
    This might not be the solution to the problem,
    It might not be the beginning of the end of this problem,
    But it is a positive move towards finding an answer to the problem.

    Nigel Horsley, Leicestershire County Council
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    This initative will be welcomed by responsible parents and other safety groups who know that young inexperienced drivers are over-represented in road crashes that involves driving too fast in the wrong places. Whereas, it is highly unlikely that parents would allow their beloved offsprings to drive at 70mph, much injury and damage can be caused at speeds of 30/40mph. Whilst every effort to reduce KSIs on our roads is to be welcomed, should much more emphasis be placed on raising the young driver’s standard of driving skills with serious emphasis placed on attitude?

    Tom Harrington LL B Co. Kerry Ireland
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