Support for wider use of average speed cameras on motorways – RAC

11.39 | 10 May 2021 |

The findings of a survey, conducted by the RAC, shows there is “strong support” for the use of average speed cameras on motorways.

At present, average speed cameras are used on a number of A-roads but on motorways are limited to sections of roadworks.

The survey of more than 3,000 drivers, carried out for the RAC Report on Motoring, shows more than half (54%) would like to see them used more widely on motorways.

Only a quarter (26%) disagreed with this idea, with 18% unsure.

When asked what form of speed enforcement is best for ‘high speed roads’ (where the speed limit is 60mph and 70mph), 58% of respondents favoured average speed cameras.

Nearly a fifth (18%) felt fixed position cameras are most effective and 12% said it was mobile speed traps.

Meanwhile, more than half of respondents (56%) admitted to breaking the speed limit on motorways – with a third (34%) of those confessing to having travelled in excess of 80mph.

When asked the reason for this, 39% of respondents said they were simply following the example set by other motorists, while 31% said it was because they thought it was safe to travel faster than 70mph.

Simon Williams, RAC road safety spokesman, said: “Despite more than half of drivers admitting to regularly exceeding the 70mph speed limit, road safety statistics clearly show that motorways are our safest roads.

“With so many motorists admitting to driving much faster than they should on the motorway, it was interesting to see such strong support for average speed cameras to be used more widely to enforce the 70mph limit as opposed to just in roadworks, as is currently the case. 

“We believe drivers see these cameras as being very effective at reducing speeds over longer distances and controlling traffic flow as well as being fairer than fixed position ones as they aren’t instantly punished for a momentary transgression.”



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