Survey reveals attitudes to ‘THINK!’ and road safety

12.00 | 21 May 2012 | | 4 comments

Drink driving, use of mobile phones without a hands-free kit, speeding, drug driving and careless driving are perceived as the most important issues for the Government to address to improve road safety, according to the recent THINK! Annual Survey.

The survey measures road safety attitudes and behaviour among the British population. A total of 2,007 interviews were conducted in Great Britain by TNS-BMRB, with those aged 16+.

The survey covers:

• Awareness of, attitudes towards, and perceptions of the THINK! road safety brand;

• Attitudes towards road safety and its perceived importance in relation to other social issues;

• Attitudes towards driving, and influences on driving behaviour;

• Driving and road safety behaviour among different users, including the prevalence of dangerous driving behaviour.

61% of respondents agreed that traffic calming measures make roads safer; 29% agreed that roads are safer than they were five years ago; and 28% agreed that there are now more police officers on the roads than before. ‘Road rage’ is identified as the least important road safety issue for the Government to address.

The influences likely to encourage people to drive safely remain the same as 12 months ago, namely: ‘visible police presence’, ‘speed cameras’, ‘threat of prosecution’ and ‘family’.

In terms of which transport is considered safest, walking and trains came out top, with bicycles and motorcycles considered the least safe of all modes of transport.

Click here to read the full report.


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    The quality of this article is clear from the second clause in the first sentence.

    Andrew Fraser
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    RoadDriver is not surprised by the THINK survey results. There is only one way to effectively address these concerns and that is to increase Road Policing Units. It is very rare to see Police Traffic Units, yet these police units are the only entity that can really have an impact on driver behaviour. Reg Oliver is absolutely right, these important units are being systematically stripped back across all counties which will lead to more bad driving behaviour and crime in general.

    Charles Dunn
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    And it didn’t take an expert to discover that walking and trains were the safest mode of transport. (this country we live in!!!)

    reg oliver
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    I don’t know where these surveys are carried out and who are interviewed but I hardly see any police vehicles on the roads but I do see all the cameras that can never detect all those offences that are carried out every day by dangerous drivers. Our force has ben reducing the RPU over the past years, the last reduction being another ten officers. I must be on another planet to those who were interviewed. An interview with our head of road policing claimed that they did not have the resources to police the roads in the numbers required and that without SACs there would be NO CAMERAS.

    reg oliver Derbys
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