Teens get on the right ‘Routes’

15.54 | 7 May 2010 |

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is piloting a new approach to teaching road safety skills to secondary school pupils.  

Routes – The Teenage Highway Code, which uses a ‘fun and interactive’ approach to make the Highway Code relevant, is being trialled in 10 schools across Sussex.  

Ian Jones, project manager, said: “We felt there was a gap in the teaching of road safety. It goes from a soft and cuddly approach for primary school pupils and then there’s not a lot until teenagers begin to learn to drive.  We were missing out on valuable years when road safety messages need to be reinforced.

“Routes brings video clips from road safety professionals such as fire and rescue personnel and police officers together with ‘streetwise’ puppets.”

Routes has been developed to fit into the PSVE/PHSE programme, but can be used as a teaching aid in any National Curriculum subject.

For more information contact Caroline Kingsmill. 


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