Traffic-calming dragon appears outside school in Exeter

11.45 | 19 August 2020 |

A primary school in Exeter has enlisted the help of a mythical dragon to support families to choose active travel for the school run.

The dragon will welcome pupils at St Michael’s Church of England Primary Academy back to school in September, following the completion of a two-year road safety project carried out with Sustrans.

It is designed to make the space outside the school safer, by encouraging drivers to be more aware of people who are walking and cycling.

Sustrans says the design came about after a series of workshops with the school and local community.

The workshops explored road safety concerns and local barriers to walking and cycling. They also generated ideas for solutions, including the dragon artwork.

James Cleeton, Sustrans director for the South of England, said: “The dragon design is intended to show people driving that they are entering a special school zone, so they should drive with extra care and consideration.

“This type of road calming measure has been successful across the UK and Europe. Evidence from previous projects shows designs like this positively influence driving behaviour by, for example, slowing speeds.

“Slower motor traffic speeds make a road safer for people walking, cycling or scooting.

“The installation is well-timed to support families who have chosen these active modes of travel during lockdown.”



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