Travelling actively to school ‘brings huge benefits’

10.55 | 18 October 2021 |

A new resource has been published to help schools in Wales make walking and cycling ‘easier and more attractive’.

The latest Welsh Government figures show that only 44% of primary school children and 34% of secondary school children travel actively to school.

The Active Travel to School Toolkit, produced by the Cross-Party Group on the Active Travel Act (CPGATA), sets out to help people who are trying to make a difference for their local school.

This includes teachers, parents, governors, local councillors and other responsible members of a school community.

The toolkit contains some practical suggestions, examples of good practice and signposts to further advice and support. 

Huw Irranca-Davies, chair of the cross-party group in the Senedd said: “[The toolkit] sets out all the reasons why we need to change and suggests ways of making walking and cycling to school easier and more attractive.

“The solutions range from ambitious new paths to something as simple as making sure children have somewhere to store wet weather gear.

“The toolkit points to lots of good practice that is already happening in schools across Wales. But we need to do much more.

“The school run as we do it now causes immense problems; our guide for increasing walking, cycling or scooting to school is packed with solutions. We are not saying it is always easy. Not all schools will be able to do everything, but we hope most will be able to do something.”



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