TTC Group publishes safety tips for cyclists

12.00 | 13 July 2015 | | 1 comment

Photo courtesy of Chris Fossey 

Cycle Experience, part of the TTC Group, has published a list of “do’s and don’ts” for cyclists to help improve their safety and reduce the risk of being injured in a collision.

Cycle Experience points to DfT figures which show that 113 cyclists were killed in 2014 – a 14% year on year increase – and the total number of cycle deaths and injuries on UK roads increased from 19,438 in 2013 to 21,287 in 2014. The largest increases were among cyclists aged over 60 years.

Nick Moon managing director of Cycle Experience, said: “Cyclists can avoid becoming a casualty by following the rules of the road and watching out for the actions of other road users.

“Cycling is more popular then ever among all age groups and we must ensure everyone who chooses to take to two wheels is a safe as possible. My advice is to attend a cycle training course. You learn all the do’s and dont’s of cycling and it may save your life.”

Cycle Experience’s list of do’s and don’ts include the following:

• Always check your bike is roadworthy and ‘fit for purpose’ by carrying out a simple check before you set out on your ride.
• Prepare before your journey. Decide your route, what clothing you need and don’t be in a rush.
• Ride one metre away from the kerb so you are easier to see; you won’t be squeezed against the pavement and can avoid the hazards of the gutters.
• Stay behind a lorry, give it plenty of space and never go down the inside channel. A lorry driver cannot see you.
• When overtaking look behind early and try and make eye contact with the driver behind. Put yourself in the main flow of traffic until safe to move back towards the kerb.
• Be assertive – you are a road user and motorists behind will have to wait for you to make your manoeuvre if you are in front of them. You are not blocking their route.
• Communicate with other road users and pedestrians and don’t be afraid to use your bell or shout to give warning of your presence.
• Wear clothing which is appropriate for cycling and in which you can be seen. Hi-Viz does make good sense.

• Weave in and out of parked vehicles when overtaking. Stay out until safe to return towards the kerb.
• Cycle on the pavements unless using a cycle path
• Cycle at speeds inappropriate for the road situation
• Ignore traffic signs and traffic signals. If riding on the road follow the rules of the Highway Code
• Rush your journey


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    Looks like sound advice, let’s hope that cyclists take it on.

    Bob Craven Lancs…Space is safe Campaigner
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