TV personality enlisted to help keep older drivers safe

19.48 | 11 October 2009 |

A veteran broadcaster is helping North Yorkshire County Council and the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership keep older drivers behind the wheel for longer.

Andy Kluz, a former presenter and reporter for Tyne Tees Television, has made a DVD with road safety officers from North Yorkshire County Council  which will be used to show drivers over 50 how they can carry on driving safely and with confidence. The DVD will be given to drivers at  roadshows  which are being held across the county.
While older drivers have far fewer crashes than younger drivers, people aged over 50 are more likely to die or be seriously injured as a result of a car crash.
Andy, who passed his test nearly 40 years ago, said:” It was a very interesting experience.  I was surprised at how much I had forgotten and  how the Highway Code has changed.  It really served to stop me in my tracks and made me think about my driving.  I believe all us vintage drivers can gain a huge amount from it.

“We all think we’re not getting old and we can drive in just the same way as we always have, it’s only when you stop and talk to the experts you realise maybe your reactions are slower and your more wary of the road and other road users.”
For further information contact Honor Byford, road safety team leader, on 01609 532206.


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