Wales: public support for pavement parking ban

10.46 | 21 October 2019 |

More than 80% of people in Wales support a nationwide ban on pavement parking, a new survey suggests.

Earlier this year, the Welsh Government put together an ‘expert group’ to explore ways of clamping down on illegal parking – as well as pavement parkers.

The survey, carried out by Living Streets as part of a report into the issue, found that 83% of respondents wanted to see an end to pavement parking.

Meanwhile, the report also found that 88% of local authorities in Wales have received letters from members of the public complaining about pavement parking.

Living Streets says more than a quarter of people aged over 65 years in Wales say they are prevented from walking on their local streets because of blocked pavements.

Rhiannon Hardiman, manager for Living Streets Cymru, said: “Pavement parking is a problem for everyone, especially for our more vulnerable members of society. 

“People with mobility issues and sight loss, parents with pushchairs and older adults often avoid leaving their homes as they feel unsafe and worry about walking into traffic.”

Pavement parking ‘a real blight’ for communities
The results of the survey will be shared with the Welsh Government task group investigating the issue.

Lee Waters AM, deputy minister for transport, said: “The Living Streets Cymru report highlights the real blight for communities caused by pavement parking. 

“Cars that block pavements stop many people, especially those with mobility and sight impairments, from leaving the house because they feel that it is too dangerous to navigate the streets.

“Welsh Government is looking at ways to address this problem as part of our wider response to the climate emergency, the air quality crisis and the obesity epidemic.

“We have set up a task force to explore ways to stop the problem in Wales.”

Earlier this month, Scotland became the first UK country to ban pavement parking, in a move that has been described as ‘historic’.

Meanwhile in England, in April 2019, the Transport Committee launched an inquiry to explore the problem of pavement parking in England, and consider possible solutions.

Last month, the Committee concluded the Government should introduce a nationwide ban, saying it is “deeply concerned” about the issue.



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