Walking rates ‘continue to pick up pace post-pandemic’

14.45 | 31 August 2023 | |

Living Streets is calling on the Government to continue reducing congestion on residential streets and investing in infrastructure, on the back of figures showing people in England are walking more often.

The National Travel Survey 2022 data shows increases in walking trips, stages and miles travelled compared to 2021.

Moreover, walking is currently the only mode of transport where average trips per person are above pre-pandemic levels.

The Government published its second Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) in July 2022, aimed at making walking and cycling the natural choices for short journeys. In it, there is a target of 365 walking ‘stages’ per person per year. 

The new statistics show that in 2022, people in England walked 318 stages, up from 279 in 2021.

Living Streets has stressed the importance of continuing to prioritise healthier transport modes.

Stephen Edwards, chief executive of Living Streets, said: “There was a lot of good work during the lockdowns to improve spaces for people walking and wheeling. 

“If the targets are to be met, we need to continue to prioritise these healthier transport modes by reducing congestion on residential streets and investing in infrastructure to support walking, such as better pavements, crossings and benches.”



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