Warwick Davis checks into Room 9

12.00 | 21 November 2013 |

Warwick Davis, star of Harry Potter, Return of the Jedi and Life’s too Short, is the latest celebrity to be interviewed on a WordPress site set up by Room 9 Media to engage with young drivers.

Other celebrities to be interviewed on the site about their experiences behind the wheel include the Arsenal and England footballer Theo Walcott and Top Gear presenters Richard Hammond and James May.

As well as high profile interviews, the site also encourages young people to submit articles on the subject of driving and road safety.

In the interview, Warwick Davis speaks fondly of his first car, a Mini Mayfair, saying: “She was the first car where I had an adapted seat put in for me. It was much higher than a normal car seat, obviously.

“When we picked her up, I still didn’t have my full licence and I couldn’t drive on the M25 – my dad had to drive it. One of my funniest memories, watching him try to manoeuvre a Mini, in my adapted seat, with his head stuck out the sunroof. It was pure genius, and he did have an inordinate amount of flies on his forehead by the time we got home!”

John Billington, from Room 9 Media, said: “It’s good to feature celebrities in order to bring people to the site, but we also feature articles from young drivers themselves.

“The Internet is a massively powerful tool for reaching young people and we are very keen to talk to road safety officers about harnessing its potential to positively influence young drivers.”

For more information about Room 9 Media or the WordPress site contact John Billington on 01384 422578.


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