Welsh Government publishes new guidance on school transport

12.00 | 3 July 2014 |

The Welsh Government has issued new guidance on school transport which includes measures to safeguard children who walk to school.

The new Learner Travel Operational Guidance has been produced following a consultation process which included primary school pupils involved with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ Super Ambassadors scheme.

The Welsh Government says the new guidance will “help ensure pupils’ views can be heard on learner travel matters”.     

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales describes the process as “a fine example of a child’s rights approach to policy development”.

The Welsh Government’s press release says:

"The new guidance is more comprehensive, user-friendly and accessible for all users, including parents, schools and local authorities. There is an emphasis on ensuring that children who walk to school are safe.”

Edwina Hart, transport minister, said: “We have listened to the response to our consultation, especially the feedback from pupils themselves via the Children Commissioner for Wales to produce clearer, more comprehensive guidance on learner travel.

“It sets clear standards that children and young people can expect when travelling to and from their place of education. There are clear health, social and educational benefits for children who walk or cycle to school, so this new guidance puts particular emphasis on ensuring children have the opportunity to do that safely.”

Keith Towler, Children’s Commissioner for Wales, added: “This is a fine example of a child’s rights approach to policy development.

“I’m pleased that the Government has listened to our Super Ambassadors and developed guidance which truly reflects what pupils themselves hold in high regard, including the role of lollipop people in keeping them safe when walking to school.”


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