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Live updates and soundbites from the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London – the venue for Young Driver Focus 2018.


  • The fifth edition of YDF took place at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, on 25 April
  • Strapline: ‘Connecting with Generation Z: understanding the current crop of young drivers’
  • Soundbites, presentation & images from all the speakers below

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15.55: Selim Cavanagh, chief executive officer, ingenie (closing remarks)

Selim joined young driver insurance brand ingenie at the start of 2018 as Chief Executive Officer. With an extensive background in telematics and 20 years of experience in data and research-based insurance solutions, Selim is now bringing this expertise to the young driver market, focusing on data-driven approaches to behavioural change.

Closing remarks

• People who take four times to pass their test are the safest drivers (because they’ve driven for longer)
• Government being cautious with GDL (but it has to come)
• Don’t believe pre-driver training makes any difference
• Great local initiatives

Two pleas
Young drivers are paying the highest level of IPT – Gov’t should do something about this

If you want data about young drivers, come and talk to us (ingenie) – we have masses of it.

15.40: Jo Collins, senior behaviour analyst, ingenie

Jo is a senior Behaviour Analyst at ingenie and joined the young driver brand in 2016. As a key member of the Driver Behaviour Unit, Jo works closely with ingenie’s young driver community – providing personalised, data-driven coaching to help improve driver behaviour.

Presentation: The ingenie Driver Behaviour Unit
The Driver Behaviour Unit (DBU) plays a fundamental role in young driver brand ingenie’s approach to improving driver behaviour. The talk will give a short overview into the coaching methods used by their team of psychology-trained analysts, from identifying risk patterns to positive intervention. 


Our psychology-trained behaviour analysts provide coaching to customers who need assistance on improving their driving.

We strive to make this process as collaborative as possible; customers are more likely to change if we have a constructive, coaching-based conversation.

By being proactive rather than reactive, we are able to help change driving behaviour before their driving becomes seriously dangerous or they have a crash

Improvement rates:

  • Speed improvement – 92%
  • Braking improvement – 85%

15.20: David Gallagher, younger driver ambassador, IAM RoadSmart

David Gallagher is IAM RoadSmart’s younger driver ambassador for 2017/18.

23-year-old David won IAM RoadSmart’s ‘Get Into The Driving Seat’ competition, which culminated with an interview by a panel including the former F1 world champion Nigel Mansell CBE.

The one-year internship, which commenced in September 2017, sees David take on a variety of responsibilities including lobbying for change within IAM RoadSmart.

Presentation: Being an IAM RoadSmart ambassador and changing perceptions
David will talk about his role as a young driver ambassador and how he is utilising a unique approach to bring IAM RoadSmart to younger generations, and help change perceptions around advanced driving.


Less than 1% of IAM members are aged under 26yrs

Young Driver Ambassador role

  • Educational visits
  • IAM group visits (how to engage with young people)
  • Build network of local young driver representatives
  • Representing IAM at events

Working with West Midlands partnership to develop a young driver module (with a view to rolling out in other areas)

Focus on attracting young drivers so they advance their skills

IAM RoadSmart has listened to young drivers and has released education modules to help

‘Young people need models, not critics’ – John Wooden, US basketball player/coach

15.00: Christina Watson, head of programmes, UK Youth

Christina has been working in informal and non-formal education for nine years, developing skills programmes for young people ranging from healthy living to digital skills to female empowerment.

Since 2016 she has been working on the UK Youth partnership with the UPS Road Code programme and recently led a redesign of the programme to bring new research and behaviour change approaches to its content.

Presentation: Confidence to Speak-Up!
Christina will present the approach taken in the Road Code programme to address young people’s confidence to speak-up when they feel unsafe on the road.


UK Youth

  • 52% of young people on our programmes are from the UK’s 30% most deprived areas
  • 77% face at least one personal barrier

UPS Road Code

  • UPS’s flagship programme delivered to young people across the UK & Ireland since 2011
  • Road Code has engaged 3,283 young people since launch
  • Participants aged 13-19 are empowered to reduce risk and speak up in potentially dangerous situations

Our approach

  • Knowledge – emotive content, relevant discussion, gamification & competition
  • Skills – debate & role play scenarios
  • Attitude – experiential learning, reflection, social action

Delivery led by youth workers with support from UPS volunteers

Outcomes – short term

  • Participants understand risks on the road and how and why they come about
  • Participants understand and emphathise with the consequences of taking risks on the road
  • Participants know how to identify and prevent risks, as drivers and passengers

Outcomes – long term

  • Participants are more responsible passengers & drivers
  • Participants become positive role models for their peers
  • Participants are confident to confront risks in and around cars

14.45: Harry Seaton, influencer manager, Fluential

Aged 21 years and a himself young driver, Harry Seaton helps brands communicate with youth markets and engage them through the use of powerful social media influencers – people whom have built large audiences on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Presentation: How to make the generation that doesn’t care, care
Harry’s presentation will address the challenges of delivering road safety messages to young people, talking about why they can easily lose their effect on the high risk youth demographic and how we can start to combat that on social media.


How do you do, fellow kids?
(Tone of voice is key)

Influencers – someone who has amassed a large following online, usually in a niche category

They have power and work with brands

THINK! are using influencers for drink drive messages

Young people will resonate with influencers conveying road safety messages

There are problems within the industry to look out for

What can we learn from influencers?
They’ve created great content, usually video content
People are engaging with video more
The capitalise on engaging content

Be aware of what content your audience is engaging with

14.35: James Evans, Founder, FirstCar

James Evans is the Founder of FirstCar, a company born out a sixth form common room in Kent in 2002 with the sole objective of keeping young drivers safe on the roads.

Over the past 15 years, FirstCar has grown to publish more than


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    Well done to all involved in the management and delivery of the event. It was once again very professional and of a very high standard. Well done Nick, James, Richard, Elizabeth and everyone else involved.

    Alan Kennedy, Durham
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