Young Marmalade launches log book for learners

15.52 | 24 March 2011 |

The young driver specialists ‘Young Marmalade’ and ‘Provisional Marmalade’ have produced a ‘Young Driver Log Book’ to help learner drivers make the most of their training.

The Log Book will be sent to every new driver that takes up insurance from Provisional Marmalade, which allows them to practice their skills in a family car without affecting the insurance status or no claims bonus of the car owner.

The Young Driver Log Book also covers post test motorway driving and night time driving, both high risk activities for inexperienced drivers.

While the Young Driver Log Book will not have any impact on the learner’s quest for a driving licence, Young Marmalade will use it to support ‘Intelligent Marmalade’, a new combined car purchase and insurance scheme linked to advanced onboard telematics.

Intelligent Marmalade uses a number of factors to determine the potential risk of a driver. By reviewing the training records, linked to the onboard monitoring of speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, the insurers will have a good idea of the risks involved and these are reflected in the premiums.

Young Marmalade says that the premiums for Intelligent Marmalade will be among the lowest for young drivers in the UK ,and by linking the scheme to the purchase of a car, additional discounts may also be used to further offset insurance costs.

Click here to visit the Young Marmalade website, or click here to visit the Provisional Marmalade website.


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