Zywpeit makes passenger management and safeguarding ‘simple’

09.27 | 25 September 2020 |

A new ‘portable passenger monitoring system’ has been launched in a bid to safeguard students’ movements to and from school.

Zywpeit is described as a non-intrusive, portable system which monitors and registers the movement of students as they board and exit school buses.

Using the latest NFC technology, the system provides detailed information of the location of the passenger when they board and leave the vehicle, as well as live vehicle tracking. It can be used by both parents and schools.

New features support safeguarding pupils throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, capturing mandatory contact tracing and route tracking records.

Parents can input their child’s Covid-19 test information into the system and be informed directly if their child has been in contact with anyone who has been infected on their journey.

Alan Martindale, Zywpeit Solutions Ltd, said: “Student monitoring is an important safety tool for every school bus fleet. Along with providing total visibility, it will reduce the time spent by school administrators responding to queries from parents.

“With student monitoring, transportation staff can identify whether a student is on the bus, missed the bus, or got off at the wrong stop – essential information for reporting and when a student is missing or a school bus has been in an accident.”

For more information contact info@zywpeit.com.



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